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TWO-YEAR-OLD Boy Denied treatment at government Hospital because Mother’s pants were to short

November 7, 2015

The Islamization program since the 1980s has produced more incidents of imposition of  Islamic values on non-Muslims in the government bureaucracy. We read earlier of citizens who were denied entry into government offices on grounds of ‘inappropriate’ dressing. Imposition of Islamic cultural values on non-Muslims reminds us of the injustice suffered by ‘dhimmis’ (non-Muslim minorities) under Islam in its early history. The recent incident of denying medical treatment to a wounded boy takes ‘dhimminization’ of non-Muslims to a whole new level.


A TWO-YEAR-OLD boy was allegedly denied treatment at two government clinics and a hospital because the pants his mother and aunt were wearing were too short. (more…)


MAIS Wants Agnes Monica’s Song Declared Haram

March 17, 2009

COMMENT: Is this a religious-quarantine country? Just look at the fretfulness/nervousness displayed by Malaysian Islamic authorities as they lurch about blocking all manners of potentially bad influence (perceived or otherwise) that might fall upon Malaysian Muslims! Is it the case that Muslims cannot mount a calm and rational defence of their faith or that Islamic culture just cannot compete with other cultural influences in a free and open society or that somehow Muslims are just so weak that they must be protected all the times from undue influence?

In any case, they have no business banning activities that are essentially carried out by non-Muslims for non-Muslims.

“… anyone found playing the song can be fined up to RM1,000 under the Non-Muslim Religious Enactment 1988.” (more…)

Fatwa Council Bans Yoga: Non-Muslims Told Not to Comment

November 22, 2008

Comment: There have been strong reactions from some people who feel that  the Fatwa council should address more serious public matters like corruption and abuse of power by the ruling politicians rather than focus so much of their energy on personal practices like yoga.

I am more interested in the warning given by the chairman of the Fatwa Council that non-Muslims should not get involve with this matter. “The fatwa (edict) is meant solely for the Muslims to follow. The non-Muslims need not question or debate about this because they are free to do whatever they wish. It is the Muslims who have to adhere to this,” he added.

I disagree with this attempt to preclude comments and criticisms on four counts. (more…)