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New Law Will Take Away Your Children in the Name of Religion

June 28, 2013

First they took away our economic equal rights. We meekly agreed. Then they insidiously chipped away our religious rights. We weakly complained. Now they want to take away our children by unconstitutional legislation. NOW WE MUST PROTEST VEHEMENTLY!

MCCBCHST Media Statement

The Malaysian Consultative  Council Of Buddhism, Christianity,  Hinduism, Sikhism  and Taoism  (MCCBCHST)  vehemently  objects  to  some  provisions  found  in  the  RANG  UNDANG-UNDANG PENTADBIRAN  AGAMA  ISLAM  (WILAYAH-WILAYAH  PERSEKUTUAN)  2013 tabled  in Parliament  for  its  first  reading  on  26 June  2013  as they  affect  the  Non-Muslims.  The  Bill  under disguise  of lslamic  Laws  is  unilaterally  trying  to  alter the  Federal  Constitution by  translating  the  word “parent”  in  the  Federal  Constitution  to  mean  “lbu  atau Bapa”  as  opposed  to  “lbubapa”. (more…)


MBPJ Introduces Strict Dress Code…Visiting Council HQ

June 28, 2013

Citizens of Petaling Jaya are alarmed and dismayed that MBPJ wants to enforce strict dress code for visitors at the MBPJ HQ. Let’s cut the pretence. This ruling has nothing to do with Asian mores or modesty. It is a case of insidious (or blatant) Islamization by local Napoleans out to ensure that public policies are Shariah-compliant. (more…)