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MAIS -Rulers have no Prerogative Power Over Other Religions, says MCCBCHST

February 5, 2013

Recently,  the  Selangor  lslamic  Council  (MAIS)  issued  a statement  to  the  effect  that  the  use  of  the word “Allah”  by  non-Muslims  is  prohibited.  The statement  by  MAIS also gave  the  impression  that  its  ruling would  be binding on non-Muslims.  This  is  tantamount  to  imposition  of restrictions  by  an lslamic  Council or body against  non-Muslims.  lt  could  also  be seen  as  an  attempt  to  control  the  religious  practice  of a non-Muslim  religion  by an lslamic  body  or  organisation… (more…)