Persecution and Destruction of Eastern Christianity Under Islam

Arab Spring, Christian Winter

Some sober reflections: Read “Persecution and Destruction of Eastern Christianity Under Islam” found in my other blog – Krisis Praxis LINK

It is only right that we share the joys of the Arab citizens when they overthrew their dictators. I am not sure however that the outcome will be freedom and democratic equality for all Arab citizens. It is too early to share the optimism evident in the Western media. I am only too aware that “revolution devours its own children.”

Political observers used to worry about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. But the popularity and electoral success of the Salafist Party with an even more extreme and intolerant ideology winning up to 29% in the second round of the recent Elections can only give rise to a sense of foreboding for the Coptic Christian minority in Egypt.

There are more incidents of violent attacks on churches and burning of Christian homes. In April 2011, over 10,000 demonstrators, mostly Salafists, protested in the southern province of Qena against the appointment of a new governor, Emad Mikhail, who is a Christian (the previous governor, Magdy Ayoub, was also Christian). There were threats to bar Mikhail from the province and even to kill him. The Salafists complained that a Coptic governor will not implement Islamic Law and declared since Qena was an “Islamic Emirate” that they will never be ruled by a Christian governor.

The naivety of the Western media reminds me how Stalin cynically described the Western left wing journalists who trumpeted the dawn of new humanity following the Marxist revolution as “useful idiots”. In contrast, Coptic Christians who suffered centuries of oppression under their Muslim masters wonder if the so-called “Arab Spring” is really a “spring-cleaning”, a religious cleansing of Christianity in Arab lands. The signs are that the “Arab Spring” will prove to be a dreadful “Christian Winter”


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