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Persecution and Destruction of Eastern Christianity Under Islam

December 31, 2011

Arab Spring, Christian Winter

Some sober reflections: Read “Persecution and Destruction of Eastern Christianity Under Islam” found in my other blog – Krisis Praxis LINK

It is only right that we share the joys of the Arab citizens when they overthrew their dictators. I am not sure however that the outcome will be freedom and democratic equality for all Arab citizens. It is too early to share the optimism evident in the Western media. I am only too aware that “revolution devours its own children.” (more…)


Christmas Carol Joy only With Police Permit

December 9, 2011

To paraphrase Shakespeare’s Hamlet – “Something is rotten in the state of Malaysia” when its legal system grants absolute discretion and arbitrary power to the police. It seems that some sections of the police force now require Christians to apply for a permit for a gathering as innocent as Christmas caroling (with all the tedious submission of full names, itinerary etc designed to kill all joy and festivity). (more…)