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Islamic Department Moots Detention Camp for ‘Deviationists’

December 24, 2010

Faith Detention camps in Malaysia are not new. We know of former Muslims who were sent to ‘faith rehabilitation camps’ for re-education or indoctrination. Such arrests were under the radar screen of human rights activists since the detainees were not produced in court and summarily judged. I suppose the average Muslim just couldn’t be bothered when potential (apostates) murtads were detained. But now, reputable Muslims are arrested and probably will be sent for re-education in detention camps.  Well, it was arrests for apostates yesterday, today it’s for Shites, tomorrow it may well be the average Sunni Muslim who somehow fails to comply with some dictates from the Islamic department. Reminds me of the famous quote from Martin Niemoller under the Nazis: (more…)