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Islamic Injustice: Snatching and Unilateral Conversion of Child

November 16, 2010

I noted in my last blog that the leading judge in the Malaysia’s Highest Court facetiously commented that it is not right if any party gains an unfair advantage in a court dispute. He added, “The Federal Court said it cannot adopt a “fugitive doctrine of heads I win, tails you lose” in deciding the basic rights for either parent.”

Well said indeed. Unfortunately, we are not convinced of the sincerity of such rhetoric (regardless of whether it comes from the top judge or the de facto Law Minister) so long as non-Muslims continue to suffer unfair disadvantage (an euphemism actually) in their legal disputes with Muslim (converts). (more…)


Top Court Throws Out Hindu Mother’s Conversion Challenge

November 14, 2010

Malaysia’s highest court (the Federal Court) abdicated its duty to exercise sound and courageous moral judgment when it relied on technicality and rejected an application by a Hindu mother (Shamala) to the Court to rule against her husband’s unilateral conversion of her children to Islam. (more…)