Allah Word: The Bare Historical Facts Presented

Allah Word: Facts and Time-line

“Why do you want to fight the Malaysian government over the use of the word Allah?” This question crops up now and then in our discussion groups.

The inquirer may be well intentioned, but he is obviously ill-informed. The best answer to this question is to present the facts of history which show clearly that it is not the Malaysian Church that wants to fight the government; it is rather the case of the government pushing the Church with one demand after another until the Church’s back is pressed against the wall. The Church has no option but to appeal to the Court to seek redress and justice.
I refer to the recently document (Allah-word & the Alkitab: Fact Sheet), just released by the Christian Federation Malaysia (CFM) on 15 March 2010 –  documenting how the government has been unrelenting in its harassment of the Church for the last 30 years.


Allah-word & the Alkitab : Fact Sheet (revised) 15 March 2010

This revised fact sheet is presented for the information of church leaders and church members in Malaysia with regards the term “Allah” and the Alkitab. We hope that this short non-exhaustive chronology will be helpful to all when asked by their friends to give an explanation of the Christian use of the term Allah and the historical development of the Alkitab from its earliest beginnings to the present day.

1629 A. C. Ruyl translated the Gospel / Injil of Matthew into Bahasa Melayu.

‘Allah’ was used in the following example: “maka angkou memerin’ja nama Emanuel artin’ja Allahu (the Greek word THEOS) serta segala kita”  (Matt. 1:23).

The translations that followed also retained the word “Allah” among the following translations:

(1631) Dictionarivm :  Malaico-Latinvm = Latino-Malaicvm. Rome.

n Alla, vel alla-te-alla Deus

(1646) Van Hasel’s translation : Luke and John (surviving copies in the libraries of the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands and the University of Cambridge, UK.

1733 Translation of the Book of Genesis by M. Leijdecker“Pada mulanja dedjadikanlah Allah akan swarga dan dunja.” (Gen. 1:1).

This is the first complete Malay Bible.


Translation of the Book of Isaiah  by H. C. Klinkert
“Bahwa-sanja Allah djoega salamatkoe.” (Isaiah 12:2).
This is the second complete Malay Bible.

(1890)Kebaktian Sa’hari Harian
“Ia Elkhadir dan kakal Allah”

(1895) Christian Doctrine : Pengajaran Mesehi – Terpendek
“Saval  : Siapa sudah jadikan kami?
Jawab : Allah Taala
Saval  : Brapa ada Allah?
Jawab  : Satu sahja, dan tida buleh ada lebeh sari satu Allah”


Kitab Sembahyang Dalam Greja (Portions of the Book of Common Prayer in the Malay Language) published by SPCK London.

(1938) Translation of the Gospel / Injil of John.“Maka pada awal pertama adalah Firman, dan Firman itu bersama-sama dengan Allah.” (John 1:1).

(1981) The Alkitab banned – Absolutely by order under the Internal Security (Prohition of Publications) (No. 3) Order made 2nd December 1981 (KHEDN : 0 59/3/9/Jld 4; PN (PU2) 24 pt. 11). 

“The printing, publication, sale, issue, circulation or possession of the publication which is described in the Schedule and which is prejudicial to the national interest and security of the Federation and is prohibited absolutely throughout Malaysia.”

(1982) The Alkitab banned by order under the Internal Security (Prohibition of Publications) (No. 4) Order made 22nd March 1982 (KHEDN: 0 59/3/9/A; PN (PU2) 24 Pt. 11).

“The printing, publication, sale, issue, circulation or possession of the publication which is described in the Schedule and which is prejudicial to the national interest and security of the Federation and is prohibited, subject to the condition that this prohibition shall not apply to the possession or use in Churches of such publication by persons, professing the Christian religion, throughout Malaysia.”

1983 Perintah Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (Tegahan mengenai penerbitan) (No. 3)

Order made 4th May 1983

Perjanjian Baru” ditegah dan tertakluk pada syarat bahawa tegahan ini tidak dikenakan kepada pemilik dan penggunaan suratan itu di dalam gereja oleh Kristian diseluruh Malaysia dengan alasan “memudarat kepada kepentingan negara dan keselamatan Persekutuan.

(KHEDN, O, 59/3/9/A; PN (PU2) 24 Pt. II)



Heads of Malaysian Churches met in Kuala Lumpur (1985) and then in Kuching (1989) where there was a unanimous decision to keep the name “Allah” and the Bible Society of Malaysia honoured this decision when it published the revised Malay Bible, the Alkitab Berita Baik (1996).

See the Kuching Declaration entitled “An Affirmation to the Churches in Malaysia” (September 1989) which was revised and re-issued as                “A Declaration To the Churches in Malaysia (30th January 2008).


Circular letter to all Christian publishers from the publication control division of the Kementerian Dalam Negeri stating 4 words which are not allowed to be used in Christian publications :  Allah, Kaabah, Baitullah and Solat. The aim of this prohibition is for public order and to prevent any misunderstanding between Muslims and Christians. (Letter KDN : S.59/3/9/A Klt. 2 – (17) and dated 5 December 1986).

(1986)Selangor Enactment No. 1 of 1988 aka Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment, 1988 in Schedule 1 (Section 9) gives list of 25 words not to be used pertaining to a non-Islamic religion. Among the words are :  Allah, Firman Allah, Ibadah, Kaaba, Wahyu, Mubaligh, Rasul, Iman, Salat, Imam, and Nabi.

Other states with similar enactments are : Terengganu (1980?), Kelantan, Perlis, Kedah, Perak, Negri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor.

(1992) Enakmen Pentadbiran Undang-Undang Islam 1992 (Enakmen no.13, 1992) –  Sabah fatwa prohibits use of 32 words by non-Muslims in their teaching or the advancement of their teaching. Among the 32 words are : Allah, Firman Allah,Ibadah, Wahyu, Mubaligh, Iman, Rasul, Solat, Imam, Nabi, and Injil.   Published in Sabah State Government Gazette of 1 June 2003.

(1998) The first letter to Herald from KDN – an admonition – not to use the word ALLAH.

(2002) The second letter to Herald – a show-cause letter – to be answered within 14 days. Subsequently through appeal and Cabinet influence Herald was granted the use of the word ALLAH in its publication.

(2005) Letter from Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri allows Christian publications to be distributed on condition that the front page has a “cross” with the words “Penerbitan Kristian”  (“A Christian Publication). The aim of the conditions is to prevent confusion among Muslims in Malaysia. Letter dated 22 December 2005.

(2006) Letter from Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri allows for the publication of Bible in Bahasa Melayu edition in Malaysia with the conditions that it is chopped with the “cross” and the words “Untuk Penganut Beragama Kristian” and that the BM Bible is allowed to be sold only in Christian premises or shops. The aim of the decision is to prevent the confusion of Muslims in Malaysian society.

(2006) The third letter – a reprimand.

The fourth letter – a warning (in January)

The fifth letter – another warning (in February)

(2006) Home Minister sets condition against the use of the word “Allah” on the  Catholic weekly “Herald”  in renewing their publication licence.  The Herald seeks redress through the courts against the power of the Home Minister to set conditions on the use of the “Allah” word.

(2007) The sixth letter to Herald – a show-cause letter.

Herald files A Writ of Summons and Statement of Claim on 5 Dec 2007.

An Application for Judicial review on the above condition cited above.

(2008) Customs officers and Home Ministry officials detain the Alkitab at ports of entry and confiscate publications, Sunday School children’s books, CDs, from owners. This led to Sidang Injil Borneo and Jill Ireland Lawrence Bill initiating judicial appeals against the Home Minister.

(2008) An Application for Judicial Review for Herald 2009 permit condition was filed.

(2009) Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (1960) (Larangan Penggunaan Perkataan Tertentu Pada Dokumen dan Penerbitan) 2009. 16 Feb 2009.

(2009) Herald wins case against the power of the Home Minister to set conditions on the use of the word “Allah” in the Herald publication.

Government to appeal the court decision – 31 Dec 2009.

We pray that the above non-exhaustive chronological outline presentation will be helpful to Christians in showing the beginnings of the use of the term “Allah”,  the publication of the Alkitab from earliest times and the subsequent ban of it under the Internal Security Act and restricted use in the Federation of Malaysia.

Yours sincerely,
Bishop Ng Moon Hing
Chairman and the Executive Committee,
Christian Federation of Malaysia


The CFM’s document is notable in sticking strictly to policy matters. It does not highlight the actual difficulties created by government officials on the ground. We know the occasions when government confiscated the Al Kitab (Malay Bible) or held up the Bibles in the ports until the importer had no choice but to send them back to the publisher to avoid escalating rental charges. Local printers have been intimidated so that they dared not print the local edition of the Al Kitab. Christian education materials have been seized from bookshops because they contained pictures of ‘Islamic’ prophets like Moses, Jesus and Mary. Christian music CDs have not been spared. Of course, the government suspends or delays the approval of publishing permits for Christian periodicals at its whims and fancies.

In the light of the historical facts and painful harassment on the ground the question that should be asked is not “Why do you want to fight the Malaysian government over the use of the word “Allah?”. The real question should be “Why did it take the Church so long to take the matter to Court?” – (after patiently suffering so much injustice for nearly 30 years)


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  1. Krisis & Praxis » Allah Word: The Bare Historical Facts Presented Says:

    […] READ the complete article at RELIGIOUS LIBERTY WATCH LINK […]

  2. Paul Long Says:

    Thanks Doc!

  3. gabriel paul Says:

    So what do we do in the mean time? How do we educate the younger generation on the matter so that they are well equipped, east Malaysian counter part especially, in this regard.

  4. Hedonese Says:

    The root of tidak apathy is ignorance… the cure is awareness and education…

  5. Bob Hougland Says:

    Dr. Ng Kam Weng
    Research Director
    Kairos Research Centre

    Dear Dr. Kam Weng:

    I discovered your website serendipitously and am delighted to find so many articles and essays relevant to my research project, which concerns the relationship of John the Baptist and Jesus to Christianity and the latter’s relationship to Islam. I gather from the theme of your research centre that life is a Krisis unless one enters the way of the Praxis; and that Praxis is knowing truth so as to be able to strive in what is true.

    Further, I gather that you are Trinitarian and that the Christian Church in your georegion of Malaysia is suffering from the same spiritual impasse ailing Pope Benedict XVI. Positively speaking, I would say that this is not a bad situation, because a a pivotally major spiritual malaise is revealing itself symptomatically for curative action. I refer to the legal and theological issues which have developed over use of the word “Allah” by Malaysian Christians (see, in particular, in the New York Times dated January 18, 2010, the article “Under Cloud of Violence, Malaysian Christians Come Together,” by Liz Gooch, in which you are quoted; and your post in K & P article category Interfaith Encounters, Islam, on 01.27.10, titled “Foreign Vocabulary and Loan Words in the Quran: Historical Facts.”

    The symptom revealing itself in this matter is that Christians in your georegion want to use the Arabic word “Allah” in referring to their Christian God. Were it not so pathetically tragic, this Catholic adaptation of the Arabic name for God, being so inapplicable, would be a joke; for Trinitarians (in the Nicene modality) to use “Allah” is a malapropism, in that “Allah” designates the “One and Only”. Allah is the Absolute who has no “Son”, no separate “Holy Spirit”, and does not engage in sex with the human female. The Koran makes clear (a)
    that Allah is not a Trinity (Sura 5-76); (b) that Allah does not have a Son (Suras 2:116, 6:100, 10:68, 19:35, 23:41) or daughter/consort (Suras 6:100-101, 16:57, 38:149-157, 43:16:19); and (c) that Allah does not have Partners of any sort (Sura 6:22-24, 136-137, 163). In place of this neopagan corruption of God posed by Christianity and even Judaism, the Koran admonishes that the true God of the People of the Book (i.e., the Old and New Testaments) is the Allah worshipped under Islam (Suras 5:75, 5:85-88, and 29:46). So the desire of Christians to worship Allah is on the right track; but as The Koran infers the Christians have a problem: the reason that Christianity has corrupted the concept of God is due to its choice of wrong exodus, a carryover of Judaism’s wrong choice of exodus from the time of Moses.

    As The Koran infers, it is crucial to note that in this malaprop use of “Allah” by Nicene Christians there is opportunity for major world change. Therapeutically important in this situation is that manifest in the desire, the instinctual urge, and the innate propensity of Malaysian Christians to co-opt as their God the Arabic “Allah” is their inner cognitive need to worship the true God, not the neopagan “Trinity”.

    Thus this issue of “Allah” is a truly major example of Krisis & Praxis in the world today; in fact, the so-called War on Terrorism is a major world problem involved in this same issue. The Malaysian people are demonstrating their innate spiritual sanity–which is the essential prerequisite for the knowledge of truth to lead to the true way of striving as the freedom from existential bondage.

    As you know, there is much more to this subject, which is the very basis of the errant Western World’s situation today. I am covering this subject in substantial detail in my forthcoming book.

    I enjoyed Malaysia when I visited about twenty years ago. Now, having learned of the people’s desire to use “Allah” in referring to God, I love Malaysia: the people have instinctively–prompted by their native spiritual healthiness–shown the way to solving the world’s problem and, most importantly, that they are moving in that direction. It’s the most crucial choice of right exodus.

    Best regards,

    Bob Hougland

    2311 G Street
    Washougal, WA 98671 USA

    Tel/Fax 360-835-7838

  6. abg Yus Says:

    Perkataan Allah – Salah Persepsi

    Malaysian are generally a peaceful, tolerant and respectful people. Malaysia terkenal sebagai ‘a moderate Muslim country’ mau kah nama baik kita tercemar kerana segelintir ustaz dan org yang bersuara lantang berjaya dalam misi mereka???
    Setelah kebnyakan imej negara Islam lain udah tercemar kita mesti pelihara nama baik negara, bangsa dan agama. Seandai nama negara tercinta udah jadi busuk, hina di mata masyarakat dunia, amat susah untuk kembalikan maruah bangsa dan Negara. We must not fall to extremist, from whatever religion they profess.

    Setiap umat Islam mendirika solat 5 kali sehari dan membaca alFatiha sebanyak 17 kali, luapakah mereka, erti ayat ‘Alhamdu lillahi rabbi alAAalameen’
    ‘Segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbirkan sekalian alam.
    (this a very strong point that shows Jakim, Perkasa so on are contradicting themselves)
    Allah swt untuk sekelian alam, setiap makluk dan jin, 7 petala langit dan bumi, segala kehidupan, haiwan, bintang dan segala sesuatu milik Allah swt.Islam dan Allah bukan hanya milik mutlak orang Melayu atau khusus untuk negara Malaysia sahaja.
    Most Muslims in Malaysia are a very tolerant , moderate, peaceful, hospitable people,
    but lately a small extremist fringe has become more vocal, intolerant and extreme in their views.
    This small group of confused Muslims have confused the whole nation in general.
    Mereka ni semua baru celik mata, itu pun gajah depan mata tak nampak, semut di seberang laut lebih terang bagi mereka. Mereka baru terpandang perkataan Allah dikitab2 Indil dll. Mana ustaz, mana ulam, mana jabatan2 Islam sebelum ini? Sepintar PM Najib is mum membisu berkenaan hal ini?
    ingat..Allah bukan hanya untuk org Melayu Islam di Malaysia…sbenarnya lu org semua memalukan Islam, make Malaysia the laughing stock of the world, luaskan minda jgn hidup seperti ‘katak bawah tempurong’
    Rasullulah saw contoh yang terbaik, adakah berdemo dan fail ke mahkamah satu jalan menegakkan akidah Islam? Ini bukan cara menjaga kesucian Islam yang kita cintai.
    Pernahkah Rasullulah swa berperang dan mengeluarkan hadis mambanth org bukan Islam jgn mengunakan nama Allah?
    Adakah dalil berkenaan isu ini atau pun ia timbul dan berasal dari jiwa,hati dan perasaan mereka yang berburuk sangka, tidak ada keyakinan diri, dan cepat melenting ?
    Dalam isu ini, banyak individu2 yang tampil sebagai hero satria demi menegakkan Islam yang bersih dan murni, kalau mereka nak jadi hero banyak hal dan perkara yang mereka boleh berjuang, bukan sahaja nak hentam penganut Malaysian Christian yang sedikit, aman dan amat menghormati umat Islam amnya. Kaum Christian jarang membut hal atau menimbulkan kontroversi.
    Kalau berani pergilah hentam Batu Caves dan tokkong Cina? Menghina mengancam ibadah kaum lain, musnahkan patung-patung sembahan mereka atau larang mereka, jangan pergi gereja.
    Percayalah, penggunaan perkataan Allah oleh orang bukan Islam tidak akan mengelirukan atau mengugat umat Islam,
    tidak akan menimbulkan perpecahan dalam kalangan umat Islam dan tidak akan menyentuh kesucian agama Islam.
    Sekiranya mereka mengunakkan kata Allah, pada saya that is nothing, it’s a non-issue kerana kita maseh ada Alquran dan Hadis, yang sesiapa pun tidak boleh menandingi agama Islam.

    Apapun kepercayaan Allah dari persepsi dan ajaran mereka itu hak dan cara mereka, sememangnya itulah pendapat akidah mereka, dan kita harus berpendirian ‘kau dgn agama kau, aku dgn agama ku’. Sebaiknya kita wajib, kita bolih menyampaikan akidah dan fahaman dari perspektif Islam dan memeperbetulkan mereka. Bukan dengan berdemo dan mengfail di mahkamah.
    Bila emosi, kurang keyakinan, curiga, buruk sangka, permusuhan menguasai pemikiran ini adalah jalan permainan iblis. Ajaran Rasullulah saw adalah membina, mengambarkan akhlak peribadi yang baik, di antaranya, sampaikan salam, jangan tinggikan suara, berhemah, jangan saling membenci dan menghasut dll.
    Dalam alQuran sendiri ada menceritakan bahawa orang bukan Islam telah menggunakan perkataan Allah sejak zaman Nabi Muhammad saw lagi, sejak zamanRrasullulah saworg Kristen etlah mengunakan kata Allah, dan juga di Malaysia suah beratus tahun mereka mengunakan istilah Allah, kerana mereka pun ahli kitab. Sedangkan di negara Islam yang mempunyai jumlah paling ramai yang beragama Islam, atau di negara Islam Timur Tengah tidak bertindak untuk mengharam perkataan ini?
    Kita semua masing-masing ada kepercayaan sendiri, ini adalah dalam perlembaggan negara. Mengapa kepercayaan orang lain dipertikaikan? Mengapa harus mengharamkan suatu perkataan yang memang sudah sekian lama wujud dalam amalan agama di seluruh dunia. Pengharaman perkataan ini bagi orang-orang kristian merupakan satu penafian hak asasi. Pada saya umat Christian di Malaysia adalah kaum yang aman dan saling hormat menghormati.
    Apa perasaan kita sekiranya orang bukan Islam larang kita daripada memakai jilbab, bilang sunat itu perkara bodoh? kalau melayu kena amacam?

    Baru-baru ini isu ugama telah mula di bangkitkan di persendakan dan di politikkan, dan semakin ramai yang menjadi lantang dan menujukkan belang.
    Masjid, gereja di serang, kepala babi kepala lembu…apa dah jadi???
    Ini tidak berlaku sebelumnya, before we live in harmony and we don’t like to hurt each other.
    Walau kita bukan seagama, kita sesama adalah rakyat Malaysia,’unity in diversity’.
    Allah swt mewujudkan perbezaan untuk kita saling mengenal antara satu dengan yang lain, bukan untuk permusuhan.
    Sebagai umat majority di Malaysia, kita besar dan ramai, menjadi tanggung jawab untuk
    menjaga kaum yang minority, tanamkan keamanan dan rasa nyaman umtuk mereka. Inilah kekuatan dan akhlak kita sebagai orang Mukmin.
    Kita bukan seperti orang Myanmar atau Serbia yang tidak berperikemanusiaan, merusuh dan membunuh kaum yang minority. Permusuhan dan rasa curiga bukan akhlak dan amalan kita.

    Dunia Islam sedang bergolak, Muslim membunuh sesama Muslim, adat lama kuno maseh di bela, permusuhan yang dulu maseh belum terhurai, sedangkan bangsa dan negara bukan Islam terus maju dan meninggalkan kita. Di Suria, ulama, ustaz, mufti dan juga pemimpin negara menabur kebencian, memberi senjata dan tuang minyak ke dalam api supaya terus membunuh orang Islam sendiri. Belum saya dengar seorang pemimpin Islam yang cuba mendamaikan pertumpahan darah di Syria…
    Ingat Pres Morsi tumbang setelah minority di aniaya, di pinggirkan, dan akhir 4 pengikut shiah di bunuh massa dengan kejam. Begitu juga Yusoslavia hancur setelah umat Islam di bunuh dengan zalim. Kaum minority juga mempunyai hak dan perlu jaminan, dan skiranya
    mereka di aniaya, apakah tindak balas dari doa orang teraniaya, walaupun mereka kafir?
    Saya hairan mengapa sekarang timbul sifat takut dan tiada keyakinan diri, dan menganggap issue ini sebagai satu ancaman?
    Sedangkan sebelum tak ada masaallah, ia bukan satu isu yang telah menggugat umat Islam di negara kita. Sebaliknya Islam tetap kukuh, umat semakin menambah, jarang kita dengar orang keluar dari agama Islam, sebaliknya semakin ramai bukan Islam telah memeluk agama Islam, saudara baru tetap menambah, beribu-ribu setiap tahun. Mereka menerima hidayah dan menyebut kalimah shahadah dan mengenal Allah swt yang sebenarnya.
    Kita sering, dalam perbualan, dengar kaum lain berkata ‘tuan allah tolong kita’, mereka tak cakap tokong atau budha tolong, ini tanda kehormatan mereka kepada agama Islam.

    Kita tidak perlu gentar dan mempersoalkan apakah niat dan tujuan sebenar mereka, kita jangan mudah mengikut emosi dan buruk sangka dengan berfikiran bahawa mereka kemungkinan besar inilah taktik dakyah mereka dan hendak mengubah mengugat dan memesongkan akidah umat Islam.Mengapa kita mesti keliru, dan kuatir akan di kelirukan mereka?
    Mengapa kita mesti rasa tergugat dan takut kepada dakwah mereka?
    Di mana letaknya keteguhan keyakinan sebenar keIslaman kita?
    Mengapa kita bersifat marah dan buruk sangka, seandainya nanti akidah umat Islam akan rosak atau terpengaruh dengan akidah mereka?
    Kini umat Islam dihantui rasa takut, curiga dan buruk sangka. Dan masing-masing mendabek dada, cuba mempamerkan, akau lah wira Islam, dan menetang ugama lain, yang belum tentu mengugat agam Islam.
    Dalam akidah pemerintahan negara Islam, ukurannya adalah bagaimana kita membela yang miskin, yang tertindas dan kaum minority, bekan sahaja mengikut haluan yang majority, yang kaya dan yang berkuasa.
    Kalau nak bincang tentang keliru dan rosak akidah, terdapat banyak yang menyeleweng, banyak yang bercanggah, dan ini semua bukan kerana sebab umat Christian mengunakan perkataan Allah. Ramai rakyat Malaysia yang keliru dan rosak akidah, yang melaku jenayah, ragut, membunuh, buang bayi, kecurangan, pegawai yang tak amanh, rasuah, kerja sembrono, artis lelaki dan wanita yang bersentuhan di TV setiap hari, producer yang sering ke nighclub, mereka yang makan dadah, minum arak, berlaku kecurangan, jenayah seks, perpecahan antara umat Islam dan bermacam lagi. Salah siapa???umat Christian ke???
    Ini masallah yang lebih penting dan harus di tangani demi menjaga kesucian agama Islam.
    Kitalah sepatutunya tingkatkan berdakwah kepada anak-anak muda, sebarkan akidah Islam yang benar. Hadapi dengan tenang, yakin, kita dalam kebenaran, beri gambaran sebagai umat Islam yang rational dan sabar. Yakin Allah swt bersama kita, inilah cara Rasullullah saw, bukan berdemo, mengugat, pergi mahkamah dan bertentang dengan umat Christian. Ayoh, mari kita bersaing agama dan akidah secara tenang, sihat, terbuka bukan dengan buruk sangka ancam mengancam dan kekasaran. Islam galakkan sampaikan salam, sebarkan kedamaian, tampilkan wajah keamanan bukan konfrontasi dan kebencian. Yakin bahawa kejayaan milik Islam.
    Kaum non-Muslim di Malaysia bukanlah jenis orang-orang kafir yang harus kita perangi, iaitu kafir harbi, sebaliknya mereka adalah dari golongan, kafir musta’man (orang kafir yang mendapat jaminan keamanan dari kaum Muslimin)
    Baru2 ini timbul isu Syiah, ramai yang baru kenal belang dan fahaman Syiah, udah melenting, sensing lengan,naik berang, suruh putus hubungan diplomatic dgn Iran…apa ni, ini telah berlaku 1400 tahun dulu, nilah jahil Melayu, tunjuk emosi tak tentu pasal…
    Seandainya puak Islam yang menentang dan melarang kaum Christian menang, ini bukan satu kemenangan yang diredhai kerana, desakan kita telah melukakan ribuan hati penganut Christian, kecewakan akidah fahaman mereka, menambah kebencian mereka terhadap agama Islam dan umat Muslim. Puas sudah NGO dan individu yang berhati bernafsu besar konon perjuangkan maruah Islam.
    Ini bukan kemenangan yang tepat dan bukan dalam kemahuan akhlak Islam yang sebenar. Islam menuntut yang majority memelihara ketentraman dan kesejahteraan kaum minority, bukan sebaliknya. Ini adalah a small issue that was overblown and exegeratted into a big problem.
    Allah swt menyeru kepada mereka yang jiwanya tenang, dan senantiasa dalam ketenangan.
    Biar Allah swt yg mengdili saya, saya tidak menyokong parti atau kumpulan tertentu, yang saya mau adalah umat Islam yang bersikap wajar dan tenang, adil , tidak menunjuk kuat, membela yang minority dan memelihara keharmonian Malaysia yg bersatu harmoni, respectful, tolerant dan aman. In the end ‘we are all Gods creation…” Dalam perbezaan kita juga ada persamaannya.

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