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Forced Conversion of Children to Islam

April 22, 2009

Anguished mom knocks on PM’s door
S Pathmawathy |Malaysiakini Apr 17, 09 2:09pm LINK

Her three young children were forcefully converted to Islam by her estranged husband. And M Indira Ghandi is taking her plight straight to the doorstep of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Calling on newly-minted Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to explain the matter, the 35-year-old kindergarten teacher said: “He talks about an united Malaysia. But what does this mean when only the Muslims have rights.” (more…)


Baby Converted to Islam

April 8, 2009

Baby converted to Islam 7 Apr 2009  LINK

Translation by Sharmila Valli Narayanan

Baby’s conversion

The Hindu baby’s conversion into Islam without her mother’s consent is brewing into a potentially explosive situation in Ipoh. In a press conference, M Indira Gandhi revealed that her husband used to beat her and tried to force her to convert to Islam, but the mother of three refused. One day, she said, her husband came into the house, beat her up and then took away their baby daughter. (more…)