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PAS Calls for Ban on Alcohol/Gambling. Avril Lavigne Concert Cancelled

August 21, 2008

Let’s make things clear first. Most non-Muslims do not gamble nor get drunk. As such I find the constant harping on these issues and the call for banning rather disturbing. Is PAS suggesting that Muslims are more righteous than non-Muslims by focusing on these relatively minor issues? I think PAS should do better by focusing on bigger matters like corruption of public officials, power abuse among religious enforcement officials and the breakdown of marriages and families in their own community. Show us your moral teachings work and we are more likely to adopt some of your moral recommendations. Otherwise we can only see your moralizing as sheer hypocrisy.

In any case, this is a democratic society. No one community has the right to impose it’s morals onto others. (more…)


Bar Forum Disrupted with ‘Police Assistance’

August 21, 2008

Why it is always the case that Muslims are the ones who are offended and threaten violence? What is there to worry about if their religious policies are just? Why is it that people cannot discuss their legitimate grievances in public? If Muslims have God’s truth on their side then all the more it should be the case that their truth claims be displayed and discussed amicably in public. He who has God’s truth and is just in his dealings with fellowmen has nothing to be defensive about.

Methink yonder lady/gentleman protests too much!

I thought it would have been more natural for the police to arrest the unruly and threatening demonstrators. Instead, they accompanied/allowed the protesters to enter the Bar Forum to demand an end to the meeting. Sigh!


Court Judges Behave Like Clerks to Avoid Addressing Religious Liberty

August 6, 2008

Instead of exercising its judicial powers, the court is choosing to behave like clerks at the behest of the NRD. Brings to mind Julian Benda’s La Trahison des Clercs (The Treason of the Learned/Intellectuals).  Perhaps the similarity of morphology is not accidental: Do we have here the treason of the court, or the treason of the clerk? (more…)